How to upload resume on linkedin

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According to statistics, approximately 80% of applicants are eliminated by employers and recruitment agencies before the interview. Reason: insufficiently complete or incorrectly written resume. Agree that no matter how charming and convincing in personal communication you are, if your resume does not catch a potential employer or an HR specialist, you will not have a chance to prove yourself at the interview and prove your professionalism in personal communication. Therefore, approach the resume drafting as seriously as possible. 1. Photography. Photography can tell a lot about you. Therefore, pay special attention to her choice: a photo can both attract and repel a potential employer. It is not necessary to attach a photo “as a passport.” The main thing a nice appearance and tidiness. 2. Full name, date of birth. HRs advise to avoid formalities and a “Soviet” approach to the resume.

This also applies to photos and full names: better not write your middle name. You must agree that the “Ivanova Olga” looks much more modern than the “Ivanova Olga Ivanovna”. Of course, this does not apply to applicants applying for a leadership position. In this case, the middle name must be specified. If you create a resume in English, then the middle name is also not required. Date of birth should be specified, but do not focus on her attention. 3. Marital status. There is an opinion that having children is worth hiding right up until the moment you are hired. This is the wrong approach: the truth will surely come up, and this will certainly affect your relationship with the leadership. Another thing is that there is no need to emphasize this point: you can simply write married, have children. It is better to mention the decree already at the interview. If during the decree you were working on the issues remotely, then you can safely say that, despite the fact that legally you were on parental leave, in fact, you performed your duties, albeit partially. 4. Contact information. Start from the city. Next a phone (better without a home one you want to be more modern), email, and then links to your pages on social networks. The latter can really help you find a job: the employer will know what you live for, are interested in, will see an approximate circle of your communication. In addition, he can cling to something that seems interesting to him, and here the human factor can play a decisive role.

Why not take advantage of this? Provide a link to a page on Facebook (this is considered more presentable), and then VK. In a resume, education should be indicated in reverse chronological order: first, the second higher education (if any), then the first; Master’s (postgraduate), then undergraduate. The most important information is the university that you graduated and your specialty (accountant, for example). Do not forget to specify the years of study at the university. Be sure to include all the courses you have attended. Remember, your goal is to attract a potential employer, so you need to remember everything that can characterize you as a professional. These can be refresher courses or online courses (Netology, Curser so be sure to ask for certificates. By the way, now distance learning is actively gaining momentum, and is already very popular with people who want to actualize their knowledge or change their field of activity. Specify only what can help you get a dream job and be useful in your work: leave the course of cutting and sewing or the pottery circle for the “hobby” item.