What skis to put on a resume

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HR-s advise: write the truth, because the main reason for the distrust of the candidate immediately emerged inconsistencies in the resume. Indicate the actual work experience. That is, even if you did not quit before going on maternity leave, it is not necessary to indicate that you are currently working. Assume: work time from 2010, 2013 maternity leave. When they write like that, there is more confidence in the candidate candidate. HR should not guess by resume how much time you actually worked. Write in the summary two words about the period of maternity leave, and at the interview immediately disappear unnecessary questions. There are different cases: some women are not asked about the decree, but they do not hide it. And it happens that a woman carefully conceals the fact of a protracted decree, but this is quickly revealed, as it affects her professional qualities. If you plan to work in this company and with these people do not try to cheat. 

If you went on maternity leave right after graduation, and you have no experience at all, try to remember at least something. It will be useful and your experience assisting in the departments, and the work of a laboratory assistant, and university practice. Here, as well as in the paragraph “trainings, courses”, try to indicate only those achievements that will speak of you as a professional in the field adjacent to the vacancy you have chosen. Indication of victory or participation in specialized competitions, performance at conferences or the title of “best employee of the year” all this will bring a dream job. 

Very good, if you have any certificates confirming the knowledge of a foreign language. Be sure to specify which certificate you have, and the level of language proficiency. Do not specify “basic ownership”, and write a degree as is customary in the language system: B1, for example. And remember: the knowledge of three words in a foreign language is not a reason to add it to this item. 

Do not be lazy to indicate your skills. For example, if you are applying for an editorial position, then you should have something like this in key skills: writing articles, editing texts, translating, literacy, etc. But the widespread “I own the MS Office suite” is very contradictory. If you just know how to make presentations, make tables, then it is better to exclude this item from the summary. Almost everyone who is looking for work can send an e-mail, and can use some programs from the MS Office package. This is the basic skill of any modern employee. But if you have the skills to use, for example, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop or Coral Draw, be sure to indicate this.