How to make your resume stand out

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All educational courses listed in the summary should be related to professional activities. It is better to miss something than to add questionable certificates for example, about massage courses if this knowledge is not needed in the work. It is always better to tell about the thorny path to the interview at the interview. Therefore, you can drop out of college or vocational school if you have a diploma of higher education in the same field. key skills Many applicants completely ignore this section, but in vain: often it is here that the recruiter looks after becoming acquainted with the experience and education of the candidate. Key skills are specific knowledge and skills related directly to work processes. For lawyers, these may be “Arbitration Courts” and “Corporate Law”, for the Logistics Manager “Work with Customs Authorities” and “Incoterms”, for a financier “Statistical Analysis” and “Budgeting”, and so on.Avoid the obvious: you don’t need to write that you know Windows, Internet Explorer, and use e-mail. About me

Very often, applicants confuse skills with personal qualities and indicate something like “Responsibility” or “Punctuality” in the key skills section. We advise you to write about these qualities in the section “About Me” and avoid platitudes. Instead of “Responsibility” and “Punctuality” write “Conscientiously treat tasks” and “Always keep within the promised deadlines”. The essence of this will not change, but the wording will attract more attention. In some cases, you can specify personal qualities that are not directly related to the profession this may be a good physical shape or sporting achievements (“CCM in cross-country skiing”). This also applies to representatives of the less obvious professions: for example, physical fitness is often important for sales managers, as they often have to go to meetings and on business trips.

All the same applies to achievements in the intellectual sphere. If you are a city chess champion or won a programming contest, this is interesting. If you just enjoy reading, then no. Add only what you can prove and what will help you get the desired position. How to write Now let’s touch the question of the resume language. A good language will not only tell you about your level of development, but also make it easier for the recruiter to work he will not have to wade through a set of stamps and complicated turns to get to the point. It is not advisable to use an abbreviation in the summary. Use words from foreign languages ​​only in cases where they cannot be replaced by Russian words without losing meaning. The use of abbreviations is appropriate when specifying the form of ownership of an enterprise (LLC, CJSC, ALC) and, it is permissible, when using commonly accepted, commonly used abbreviations: US, HEI, CNC. The recruiter is most likely not an expert in your field of activity, and in order to find information about who a “HCO” serviceman is, he will need additional time. The exceptions are programmer’s resumes, since in recent years IT recruitment specialists have been singled out in a separate specialization, and have the necessary knowledge. The final text of the summary should be a squeeze, from which everything that can in principle be removed without losing meaning is removed: introductory words, epithets, participial and verbal participles, extra verbal adjectives and nouns. Wrong: I was engaged in the organization of inventory in company-owned divisions. Carried out the organization of tenders, in particular, the preparation of an extensive package of documents on this issue. Correctly: Carrying out inventories in divisions of the company. Preparation of a package of documents for tenders. Follow the uncomplicated principle: the shorter and simpler the sentences, the better.