How to write a resume summary

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Indeed, after some time, stop points are generated, for which it is immediately clear that the person is “not ours.” You, as a resume writer, are unlikely to guess them. The best thing is to learn more about the company where you submit your resume. The best candidates whom we hired, and at the same time satisfied with them and their work these are the people who purposefully wanted to work with us and submitted resumes only to us, and one person even continued to bombard us after the refusal. We reviewed our decision and are pleased with it.

 A couple of general points: 1) read the text of the vacancy, and if they ask for something specific (for example, do not call, and immediately send a resume, or be sure to attach a photo) follow the request. This will show that you are attentive and punctual, which in itself is 50% of the case; 2) read more about the company from general sources and mention something not from the vacancy in the resume (ask a question, or tell me that this is exactly the moment you like the most in the company). 

And one more thing failure is almost always good for you. They refuse because, not only because “the candidate does not fit,” but also because “the candidate will not cope with the duties.” And if you deceive the leadership and get a job, you will still quit, because this is not yours. It is worth understanding and not pretending to be in the resume by anyone else. Dmitry Mamaev 
September 16, 2013 A simple letter with a story about myself really works with such a letter I was taken to work without interviews and inquiries (the only question was about salary). 

If the personnel department prefers the “born-learned-worked” file list to your story it doesn’t matter: it is hardly worth spending time on work in this place. And, by the way, the word “resume” also has the meaning of “biography”, “short autobiography”, but not “list of merits” or “list of merits”. 
Examine your employer. Create a resume for him. And if you make a template, send it to everyone and wait, you will receive a template invitation from people with sample tasks.